The Protein Production Platform

 Contact us at for more information.

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Becoming a user

We would like to hear about your projects and your needs. Please contact us at to set up a meeting to discuss project details and timeline. We are located at NTU School of Biological Sciences (having relocated from the Proteos building in Biopolis). You will be given a user account and access to our PPP LIMS system.

  • In-silico to in-vitro
    Use the LIMS to create and manage your protein constructs
  • High-throughput cloning
    The platform will clone your protein constructs into E. coli
  • High-throughput protein purification
    Your protein constructs will be purified using IMAC and SEC
  • Purification using affinity chromatography
    All constructs will be fused to a N-terminal cleavable HIS6-tag
  • Expression in insect cells for difficult proteins
    We are currently implementing high-throughput cloning using baculovirus
  • Detergent screening
    Transmembrane proteins will be screened for optimal detergent conditions
  • Multiple quality control steps
    All protein batches will be verified using mass spectrometry and/or sequencing
  • We deliver!
    Receive plasmids, expression strain glycerol stocks and protein batches

Special requirements and more advanced collaborations

Specific requirements for purifying your protein of interest should be communicated to us at the beginning of the project. We will try to accommodate your needs without compromising our high-throughput workflow, or offer suggestions and alternatives that are feasible.

Fees for academic and commercial users

We are currently funded by NTU Singapore, which allows subsidized access to researchers at NTU who will use our deliverables for academic purposes. Non-NTU academic usage is also subsidized, while commercial users enjoy our services at competitive pricing. Pricing is highly transparent and itemized according to promised deliverables, and will be made clear to you during our first meeting.

Acknowledging PPP in your work

Continued funding for PPP, and hence our collaborative projects, is made possible by proper acknowledgment of PPP's contribution towards your published work. To support PPP in evaluations, please include in your manuscript's Acknowledgment section a statement such as:
We thank the NTU Protein Production Platform ( for the cloning, expression tests and purification of protein constructs ____.

Do let us know if you require help in preparing relevant sections in your manuscript.

We are very grateful to our collaborators who have co-authored with us and/or acknowledged us in their publications. We look forward to further collaborations with you!